Fine Art by Mark Downey

Welcome to the wonderful world of traditional realism.

Thank you for taking the time today to view the exquisite landscape and wildlife oil paintings of Mark Downey.

What you see on this website is a culmination of more than 40 years of dedication and discipline in mastering a very unique style and technique.

Enjoy ...

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Wildlife and Bird

"Bighorns" original painting of bighorn sheep in the Rocky Mountains
"Cattle Egret" oil painting of a cattle egret in flight
"Deer Respite" original oil painting of a deer at the edge of a clearing

President's Award Irving Art Association's juried National Wildlife Art Competition

"Frosty Morn" oil painting of a polar bear on a cold winter's day
"Honolulu Doves" original oil painting of doves in Hawaii
"Huckleberry Morning" painting of a herd of elk in the Rocky Mountains
"Lily Pad Friends" painting of koi and duck on a pond
"Rainier Sentinels" painting of mountain goats in the Rocky mountains
"Sandhill Cranes" oil painting of sandhill cranes standing by the river
"Smoky Mountain Elk" original oil painting of elk in Cades Cove
"Soup and Quacker" original oil painting of a duck
"Tipsoo Camp Robber" oil painting of a Clark's Nutcracker
"Trumpeter Swan" oil painting of a swan standing in water with wings outstretched

Featured Artist: Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge BirdFest

"Venus on the Half Shells" painting of a frog sitting on water foliage
"Willipas Mist" painting of elk in the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

Commissioned by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

"A Great Morning" painting of a great horned owl with a mountain backdrop
"Birds Eye View" oil painting of a pink flamingo
"Bull Shadows" original painting of an elk in the Rocky Mountains
"Cougar on the Rocks" original oil painting of a cougar in the mountains
"Morning Meadow" original oil painting of a deer in a meadow
"Spike Reflection" painting of an elk standing in water
"Two Does" original painting of two does in the woods
2012 © Mark Downey