Works of Excellence

"Above Rainier" painting of Mount Rainier from a unique perspective

Arts for the Parks Top 100 Exhibition

"Crater Lake Vista" oil painting of Crater Lake in Oregon

Paint the Parks Top 100

"Deer Respite" original oil painting of a deer at the edge of a clearing

President's Award Irving Art Association's juried National Wildlife Art Competition

"Emerald Peace" oil painting of the Smith River on the Oregon/California border

Greenhouse Gallery Salon International: Hon. Mention for Artistic Excellence

"Nene's Paradise" oil painting of the endangered Hawaiian goose

CAC Viewpoint Gold Medal

"Springtime Thaw" painting of a thawing mountain stream

NOAPS Best of America "Most Realistic Landscape"

"Country Look" original oil painting of mare and colt in a beautiful country setting

Paint America Top 100

"Touch of Gold" painting of the fall woods/stream in Smoky Mountains

Paint the Parks Top 50 Miniatures

"Trumpeter Swan" oil painting of a swan standing in water with wings outstretched

Featured Artist: Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge BirdFest

2012 © Mark Downey